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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Be Empowered with Affordable Computing

Mustard Seed brings affordable computing to the Philippines

Information technology infrastructure is one of the major problem encountered by many businesses in terms of complexity and affordability.  How can you make computing and IT affordable in the Philippines.

Mustard Seed Systems Corporation continue to expand its business solutions in the Philippines in order to help businesses grow.  NComputing is one of the company’s most popular product and had been initially deployed in public schools in the country.  It provided affordable computer labs in public schools decreasing the need for actual desktops while increasing the student-computer ratio.

NComputing this year launched its latest innovation, vSpace Server 8.3 and L350 Thin Client.  The latest innovation increases the already powerful and robust capacity of the patented and award winning vSpace Server that changes the economics of desktop virtualization.

How does NComputing provide affordable computing?

Let us visualize it.  A company with 100 employees who are technology based usually needs 100 workstations as well.  Each workstation needs a CPU, a monitor, keyboard and desktop among others.  This means 100 desktops with at least 300 watts power consumption and needs repair at least once every quarter.

NComputing reduces the number of desktops needed.  For the same setup above you just need 10 desktops which will act as server and 100 Ncomputing kits.  Each kit consumes only a maximum of 5 watts and does not go obsolete nor does it need the usual desktop maintenance.

By the example above you can clearly see that affordability comes by reducing your power consumption cost, maintenance cost and hardware cost while retaining the computing capability that is required from the usual company setup.

If you are interested to know more on how you can reduce your computing and information technology cost then visit our website at and contact us.  We will help you tap into the power of affordable computing.

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