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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Calaguas Island Hidden Paradise

Going to the beach is one of my dreams but this time it’s a dream came true. On April 2-4, 2010 we are out to go on a beautiful island know to as the Calaguas a group of Island on Camarines Norte. The trip was organized by a group of mountaineer and outdoor addict leaded by Mr. Sobrecaray. It was April 1, 10 pm meeting place on Caltex Station on Boni front of Robinson Poineer. After a few hours of waiting the entire participant came we are ready to go. We leave at 12 mn then have a long trip to Daet about 8 hours with 2 major stop over along the way. Everyone was happy and there some people that are too "PASAWAY along the trip". Pasaway - singing and drinking during the bus ride hahaha.

We arrived at Daet and ate breakfast on Jollibee then for the last time buy all the supply that we need for two day stay on the island. Since everyone is fully packed and ready to go so we went to fort over Vinzon for the Boat ride. Almost a one and half hours boat ride from the fort to the island and it was amazing ride seeing different view of nature was fascinating, cool and fresh air was relaxing. The boat ride a little bit SCARY because of the big waves. After the scary, boat ride here we are on the island called Calaguas.

Maya and me on Calaguas Island, all the stress from the bus and boat ride was gone after we land our feet over the white sand of the island and feel the fined grained of sand over our feet. The view was amazing just like what they said like a "FINE WINE" is getting better every year. We set CAMP and ate lunch after we arrived it was so hot out there. We enjoy the summer heat with the help of sun block hehehe out for the beach and feel the water. The water was clear and cold so we swim and explore the island for the rest of the afternoon. Playing Frisbee and learning new sport call skim boarding. Just before sunset everyone if ready to capture the great sunset view of the island. People say’s “A picture is worth a thousand words" amazing.

We have dinner all prepared by the organizer FRESH FISH and seafood from fisherman of the island. The next two days was a blast all day playing, swimming, eating, exploring and taking pictures of the beautiful island. We have group games, drinking session and picture taking session. Time feels to short when you’re enjoying every second’s of it.

After the Lenten escape we all have time to post our picture on Facebook. Start tagging everyone and adding new friends that we encounter on our great island adventure. The whole Island adventure was a blast and Mr. Viernes created something more special from the collection of our photo. A music video which has been uploaded to Youtube. Just enjoy the video and be amazed what Calaguas Island is all about.

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