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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Havaianas University Dodgeball League

The Havaianas University Dodgeball League is a MONTHLY activity where students can join a team, play dodgeball against other teams, and the winning team gets P12,000 worth of Havaianas.

Who can join?
• The league is open to all students currently enrolled in the colleges and universities where the league is being offered
• Students can only join the league happening in their own college/university if your college/university is not included scroll down to the bottom of this page to find details on how we can bring this to your college/university

How can you join?
1. Form a team of 10-12 members
2. Come up with a witty, wholesome, fun team name
3. Register with your PDBA sanctioned University Dodgeball Club or our very supportive and friendly long time University dodgeball partners


What are the prizes?
PhP12,000 worth of Havaianas EVERY MONTH! Winning team takes it all

What is the entry fee?

Can our team win again and again every month?
No hogging of prizes! Individual winners from previous months are welcome to re-join another month’s tournament and win another pair of Havaianas if and only if they are part of a NEW team AND they are the ONLY member of the team who has won in the past.

Other Mechanics:
•Teams must represent a student organization OR a cause. Members may or may not necessarily be actual members of the student org they are representing... as long as you have the org's consent. And if you are representing a cause it should be a good and positive one!
• Entry fee is non refundable or transferable
• Style and design of each product is dependent on Havaianas but rest assured the total value of everything is at least PhP12,000
• Winning teams will receive their prize within 10 working days or less
• No changing of sizes allowed, please find out your Havaianas size beforehand by visiting the nearest Havaianas store

Where to register:
• DLSU Taft Students may register with
• UP Diliman Students may register with UP Dodge 0922-807-8794 (Simon) or 0915-171-3451 (Josh)
• UST Students may register with

Monthly Team Composition
September- All Male
October - All Male (female if enough all female teams sign up)
November - All Female or Male...we have'nt decided yet :D
December - Christmas Break!
January - All Male
February - All Female
March - Finals Break!

Do you want to hold the Havaianas University Dodgeball League in your college or university? Contact the PDBA at 0922-378-9493 or 0916-415-7320 or send us an email and we'll see what we can do :)

Everything is free just look for it