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Friday, February 3, 2012

Dew It Dare

If you can dew it and like to joined the contest  and show your friends your crazy side on facebook! Dew our dares and get a chance to win an iPad 2 and other awesome prizes! Add the DEW IT app to begin!

DEW IT Mechanics

On the Mountain Dew Philippines Facebook page an application will be found for the Dew it
Dares Campaign. Users will be asked to add the application on their account after which they
will be given specific update dares for their Facebook account. Dares would include updating
their: Status Message, Profile Photo and Interests. Users who successfully complete the dares
will be part of the weekly raffle draws. Each week one (1) winner will be chosen from all those
who completed dares.
A. How to Join: 
a. Log on to and like the page.
b. Add on the Dew it Dares application found within the Mountain Dew PH FB Page.
c. Allow the application to access your Facebook account.
d. Choose a dare found on the application. Dares may be under the following
i. Status Message Dares
ii. Information Dare
e. Take on any dare (1) within the categories mentioned above.
f. For some instances, allow Facebook to gain access via the verification pop-up.
g. Register on the information page within the application by providing your
a. Full Name
C. Contact Number 
h. Implement the changes on your Facebook page via the application.
i. Wait for the wall post to signify the completion of the dare you just took.
j. Users will only be allowed to take on a new status or info dare after 2 hours of
completion (posting on wall)
B. How to Win
a. Add the Dew it Dares App on your Facebook page.
b. Take on a Dew it  Dare online via the application
c. Allow Facebook to update your page to complete the dare.
d. Complete the registration on the information page by providing your
i. Full Name
ii. Contact Number
e. Each completed dare will be equal to one raffle entry for that week.
f. Users will only be allowed to take on a new status or info dare after 2 hours of
completion (posting on wall)
g. Winners will be picked via electronic raffle on the dates mentioned below.
i. Each user may only win a prize once for the duration of the promo.
h. Users who do not win in (1) week will automatically be part of the raffle for the
succeeding weeks.
i. All winners will be contacted via the information they provided on the registration
j. Winners will also be posted within the Facebook page a week after the raffle draw.  C. Selection of Winners:
a. Each week (1) winners will be randomly picked via electronic raffle from the users
who have completed the dare.
b. Raffle draws will be done in the presence of a FDA representative.

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