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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nokia Lumianation

The Nokia Lumiantion have a very colorful set up plus a great selection of DJ to fired the people up to party.
Just before everything started cocktails party set up plus the large LCD display.

Lots of finger food for everyone to enjoy !!!
I think Nokia know the probability of  sudden rainshowers and
 I think they are well prepared for the worst!!!

Wet and Wild and Free

Getting ready to be smoked by Lumia 800

Game on LG VS. Lumia

And finally the Winner emerged LG was smoked by the New Lumia 800

 Free instant event photo from some sponsors

Plus statue  holding a Large Lumia

The great list of cocktails for everyone!!!

The best Bartender for me!!!

Cocktail to everyone !!!
My raffle number for the event!!!
The event was a blast even the sudden downpour of rain.
 We all enjoy the new Lumia 800 and love to have one in the Future. 
Click here for more Photo of this event 

Learn more about Nokia Lumia

Everything is free just look for it