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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Star Karting At Starmall Alabang

Had a chance to try Karting last Saturday, January 19, 2013 at Starmall Alabang. Got lot of question running in my mind about Karting. 

First, it was an eye catcher the Kart Racing helmet of Carlos Lorenzo place in the registration. We are asked to guess the Price of the Helmet?  My first guess was 8 thousand pesos but I was way off the actual price. 

What are the Average weight of a normal non professional kart? Non professional kart have extra 50 kilogram because of the protection gear around the kart. So the total weight of the kart would be at least 140 - 150 kilograms. With this weight this small machine can accelerate up to 90 kph or more depending on the circuit design and condition. 

How long do you think is the Indoor track of Star Karting on Starmall Alabang? The Star Karting circuit inside Starmall Alabang is roughly 350 meters with lots of challenging curves along the way.  Inside this circuit you can accelerate up to 30 kph. While the average record for one lap is 30 - 40 seconds.

Where can you find Star Karting? Star Karting is located on 3rd Floor Westgate, Starmall Alabang, Muntilupa City.

 Star Karting was  formally the western exit which likely people are not much aware of the Star Karting opening . But surely you would find Star Karting it was just besided Starmall Sport Center.

Basic info about Karting is done now let's get it on but before the actual race we are required to sign a waiver because indoor karting in not your usual indoor activities. 
Karting can be dangerous due to the speed and some accidental bumping/collision during the race.

  We also have the basic lesson on different flags and its meaning during the race. Yellow means accident along the circuit/track take caution or slowdown. While the blue flag signifies that their a faster racer behind you and you must give way. 
 Lastly, the checker flag means start and end of the race and you must go back to the starting line !!!

  Then  a circuit walk where we are given tips and advice where to slow down during a curve, the right position before the curve and lastly where to hit the gas in full throttle. All the briefing is over, game on.

The racing kart of Star Karting was well maintained and they have lot of kart.

All  participant was given a trial run to get the feel of the circuit and the kart. Then we are given a qualifying heat where you can have your best time. The best time would determine your position on the pre-final heat. See on the finish line !!!

After the non pro the City Kart Racing Team Pro will show us the right way !!!

 City Kart Racing Team -- Carlos Lorenzo and Tai Alexander Zulberti.

Carlos Lorenzo and Tai Alexander Zulberti Demo 

Top 7 fastest racer during the qualifying round !!! Ron of AutoReview, Jayson Biadog , Alvin Tan, Jeff Siy, Mr. Umali,Mico and Mr. Emata

 Star Karting Participants and Organizer

 Actual time during the qualifying round !!! 
What would be the fastest time of first placer during the event? Mr. Ron of Autoreview have the fastest time of almost 27.5 seconds while Jeremy and Corrine place second and third respectively.

The Star Karting Crew with Karlo and Tai !!!

Over all Karting is fun and challenging it's not race results it's the preparation that counts. Thank you Star Karting for this wonderful experience !!!

You can contact Star Karting at 09054117444  or email:  for more information and reservation.

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