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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Globe Mobile Data Services (FAIR USE POLICY)

Globe Mobile Data Services

How is Fair Use applied to these plans?

MySuperPlanAll Unli Combo: Unlimited Mobile Surfing
SuperSurf Plans for Prepaid/Postpaid/TM: Unlimited Mobile Surfing
(1 Day/5 Day/1 Month variants)

For both the My SuperSurf Plans and MySuperPlan All Unli Combo Plans, the Unlimited Mobile Surfing feature is normally used for emailing, browsing and base search activities. By design, this offer is not intended for file sharing software and downloading files in large format like music, videos, and movies (users of peer-to-peer/torrent applications). In case a customer uses the product other than its intent, the customer might experience slow browsing.

In an effort to optimize the mobile surfing experience for the majority of Globe subscribers and offer a great customer experience to all users, Globe reserves the right to slow data speeds of the top 5% of data users at high traffic and highly congested times. The vast majority of users will never experience these slowed surfing speeds and even those that fall within the top 5% will be slowed by the smallest margin possible and only when the system is overtaxed. With this policy, all users will have access to the internet and only those that heavily strain the network on a regular basis will have limited surfing speeds.

Subscribers who are surfing via the "P5 for 15 minutes of surfing" scheme are not subject to this Acceptable Terms Fair Use Policy, as well as subscribers using promos other than Unlimited Mobile Surfing offered under the SuperSurf Plans and the MySuperPlan All Unli Combo Plans.

How will I know if the Fair Use Policy is being applied to me?

When a subscriber is subject to the Fair Use Policy, Globe will send a notification to the subscriber via SMS.

What will happen if I have heavy usage requirements?

The Globe network has been built to support its subscribers' usage within the standard browsing practices for handsets. If a subscriber's browsing speeds have been slowed due to this Fair Use Policy, the subscriber is likely using his or her phone for activities that are outside of the recommended browsing practices. If a subscriber has heavy usage requirements that would subject him or her to this Fair Use Policy, Globe recommends that the subscriber uses other means to access this information.

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