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Monday, August 4, 2014

Hari ng Tondo Cinemalaya 2014

First I would like too say thank you for Mrs. Bibeth Orteza for inviting me for the Hari ng Tondo BlogCon. It is privilege to meet the Director, producer and the actors.

Director Carlos Siquion-Reyna
 After 14 year break from feature-length filmmaking, Carlos Siquion-Reyna missed the world of filmmaking and like to share the great view of what Tondo and people of Tondo really are. Given a short period of time for filming Hari ng Tondo is very well plan production. Knowing what you want to see would help you create a very well craft film using only one camera.
Early bird Lorenz Martinez, Rafa Siquion-Renya, Ciara Sotto and Mrs. Bibeth Orteza
 During the  BlogCon everyone gave their insight about Tondo. First, Ciara and Rafa share their experience during the shooting and what they learn about the people around them. Ciara, ""People of Tondo are fighters of life".  Lorenz, "People of Tondo are winners of life". All three have one thing in common that doing this film help them understand what Tondo and people of Tondo really are.

Cast of  Hari ng Tondo Robert Arevalo ( Ricardo), Rez Cortez (Boyong), Rafa Siquion-Reyna (Ricky), Audie Gemore (Julio), Director Carlos Siquion-Reyna, Gian Magdangal (Vic) , Ciara Sotto ( Sally) and Mrs. Bibeth Orteza (Writer)

Everyone are Thinking for a simple question Äng hari ng Tondo ay ________.

With Director Carlos Siquion Reyna
with Rafa Siquio-Reyna
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“Hari ng Tondo”
(Where I am King)


RICARDO VILLENA (Robert Arevalo) finds out he has lost his fortune on the same day he is told his granddaughter ANNA’s (Cris Villonco) wedding is not pushing through and his grandson and namesake RICKY (Rafa Siguion-Reyna) is not graduating from college—again.

ANNA has caught her fiancé philandering. RICKY wants to just sing and compose songs.

Believing that the cousins’ weaknesses to battle life’s trials are on account of their closeted upbringing, RICARDO brings them to his birthplace, Tondo, where he owns a decrepit tenement housing called “Alapaap”.

His children are upset, daughter OLIVIA (Ali Sotto), married to businessman DANIEL (Eric Quizon), the parents of ANNA; and son JULIO (Audie Gemora), the widower university professor, father of RICKY.

BOYONG (Rez Cortez), RICARDO’s best friend and Alapaap encargado, is totally against the idea, because today’s Tondo is a far cry from the Tondo of their youth, “no’ng araw, ang siga, konti, nabibilang, kaya nagkakapangalan, sumisikat. Asyong Salonga, Totoy Golem. Ngayon, lahat ng tao ro’n, siga. Sandamakmak na ang hari ng Tondo: Matanda, bata; lalaki, babae, bakla, tibo. Ititira mo mga apo mo ro’n para magaya sa kanila? Bukod pa sa marumi, mabaho—”

RICARDO cuts BOYONG off and tells his grandchildren to please go stay with him in Alapaap even if only for a short while, that if he’s wrong about their growing balls in the place, then he’s wrong. But if he’s right, the two will have the world to gain.

In Tondo, ANNA and RICKY meet people so unlike those in their Forbes Park milieu. There’s FELISA (Liza Lorena), identified by Ricardo as his former girlfriend; the fine upright community leader EMIL (Lorenz Martinez), immediately attracted to ANNA; the young accomplished musician RAULA (Aiza Seguerra), whom RICKY stands to learn well from; and SALLY (Ciara Sotto), at the mercy of abusive live-in partner VIC (Gian Magdangal).

Whether or not RICARDO succeeds is what Hari ng Tondo is all about, as ANNA and RICKY also find out if what they see is what they get.

Tondo is no longer what it used to be, but Manila’s erstwhile premiere district will keep going.


Cinemalaya 2014 Official Screening Schedule for HARI NG TONDO:

What I See, a Great movie for the whole family because of the real drama of life. With a taste musical and Kundiman. A must watch movie for people looking for direction in life.

With this movie my perspective of Tondo would be never be the same. People of Tondo are all fighter and all survivor of life.

Lastly, we are all king in our own life and will always be a king.

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