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Friday, October 31, 2014

Berghaus Urban Adventure Games 2014

Experience a new genre of adventure gaming. Form a team of 3 and join the biggest adventure event of 2014. The Berghaus Urban Adventure Games will give you challenges for the mind and body that requires you to be at your peak performance levels. Run through parkour obstacles. Test your strength at the CrossFit stations. Solve riddles, puzzles, and run around the Circuit Grounds to look for objects in a digitized scavenger hunt.

Different skill levels are provided for the right fitness levels of your team. Teams under the fun category can expect casual thrills. Competitive teams will find the obstacle combos to be a real challenge. And, the core adventurers of the Elite category will be sent out to the City of Manila to validate their endurance and street smarts.

This is the first of a new genre of adventure games where skill is more important than time. Do you have the courage to live for adventure?

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