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Monday, January 26, 2015

Cavinti Watersports Fest 2015

Through the leadership of the current administration in boosting the tourism potential of the municipality, the LGU tapped its water based resource and has successfully launched the 1st Cavinti Water Sports Olympics last year to develop the water based adventure and festivity within the vast Lumot Lake. Last year’s event featured water based competitions like Bass Fishing Competition, Dragon Boat Racing, Canoe Racing, Open Water Swimming Competition, Kite Boarding Competition, Carabao Swim Racing, Underwater Fish Hunting. It also included Munting Dampa sa Lawa food fest and Trade Fair Exhibition. The event has caught the attention of the DOT Region 4A being a one of a kind, first ever fresh water based festival in the region and could be developed as a new tourism product.

Riding on the positive responses on the launch last year, the 2nd Cavinti Water Sports Olympics 2015 features bigger events and competitions targeting to attract participants not only within the country but sports enthusiasts from different parts of the world.


Event Date: February 8-14, 2014

Venue: Lumot Lake, Brgy. Lumot, Cavinti, Laguna


Please call (049) 523-0012 or email to


The 2nd Cavinti Water Sports Olympics 2015 features the following events and competition:

Here’s the Complete Schedule of Activities for the upcoming Cavinti Water Sports Olympics 2015.

Water Based Activities

Dragon Boat Competition


Sports Fishing

Kite Boarding

Wind Surfing

Carabao Swim

Jet Ski

Toy Boat,

Wake Boarding

Underwater Fishing

Fish Hunting

Fluvial Competition

Other Activities

Fun Run

Trail Biking

Off Road Race

Bikini Open

Trade Fair

Live Band by the Lake

Beer Plaza

Bikini Open

Cultural Show

2nd Cavinti Water Sports Olympics: 1st International Competition

Date: February 8-14, 2015

Venue: Lumot Lake, Cavinti, Laguna

For more details, you can check at:

Municipal Tourism Office

049-5230012 / 09983945609

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