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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Total Fitness: Get Active Get Fit Extreme Adventure 3: Game On

 Just after the briefing we are ready for a Great Adventure, Total Fitness is divided to three aspect of life Mind, Body and Soul.


For the first challenge is for the Mind a simple game Word Search


Every team has it's own strategy  and techniques for this challenge but we have the best one. Everyone in the team contributed and find all the words in  just a short span of time. The challenge was scheduled for 10 minutes but we finish it just about 5 minutes. Then after finishing the first task, next clue was given then off we go to Tree Top Adventure site but we don't have any clue where is it. With the used Isuzu Alterra we rush to Tree Top Adventure, some sort of a race between team Red or Black because team Gray is quite late.

Team Red

The next challenge is finding Tree Top Adventure and finish 3 task for the Body Challenge. Each team must finish all the task before going to the next task. Tree Top Adventure was the best place to test yourself and conquer your fear of heights. This place is not for people with fainted spirit but for people that wants real adventure with nature.

For the Tree Top Adventure, each team may choose from Tree Drop, Zipline or Superman Ride and Survival Challenge ( Fire Making Task ) depends on the availability of the facilities but all three task must be completed before going the next task.

For the Body Challenge we head on to Tree Drop. Tree Drop is simple like a falling to a Tree facing the ground almost a 70 to 80 feet free fall. Tip when doing Tree Drop make it fast for more exciting fall just have a straight body and let your body be free.

Safety First Tree Top First House Rule.

Safety First

Way to Tree Drop

No way out just Down

Free fall

Everyone in the Team must do it or the team will be deducted to everyone that will not finish the task. It's a team effort to boost everyone and help each other to conquer them self.

Then next stop the Superman ride which is a zip line type of ride but your are laying on your belly's simple like flying like Superman.

Way to Superman Ride

Two thumbs Up after the Ride

Everyone did their part and no quits in our team, so for the last task

Fire making, only thing you have is a bamboo pole and a Bolo or Knife.

Demonstration and Introduction

We finish the task after 6 trials, making fire out of nothing is very difficult  but it's possible. Lesson learn don't play with Fire if you don't have matched. :D

Tree Top Adventure Challenge finish, then we head back to Lighthouse Marina Resort for the Final leg of the Adventure Challenge.

The team must be divided to two groups the Biking Group and the Running Group. Each member must bike or either run from Lighthouse to Gerry's Grill Restaurant. And each team is assign with just one bike simple a rally. Everyone in the biking group must reach Gerry's Grill and get some flyers then head back home to switch members. After all three bikers  are done, the runners can go as a group.

Two biker already finished and Runners Waiting

Finally the Body Challenge is over and the Soul Challenge is up and waiting.

For the Soul Challenge from McCormick. Name the Super Spices

 7  Super Spice from Mccormick has different smell and aroma but the most distinctive for me was the Curry, Ginger , Oregano and Cinnamon. I think for this challenge our team did almost perfect with one Mccormick team member we are unbeatable to this challenge but she was not allowed to take the challenge . Anyway Win or Lose we are always be a Team. Team Richard or Team Black.

Team Black

Next Part Awarding and Kalokohan


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