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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Family Day with Nuffnang


I love contest and I love Nuffnang.
 Best place for contest.
Nuffnang is like my Online Home.

I love Nuffnang because of great ads on my simple site.
Someday with Nuffnang I can have extra income. 

Nuffnang help blogger on sponsoring blogger events. 
With Nuffnang Blogger Events are always special.

(Photo by Fitz Villafuerte from Blogger Fest)

My first Blogger Fest with Nuffnang as one of the Major Sponsor 

Now on this coming May 28, 2011 Nuffamily Day at Crosswind, Tagaytay,  finally I can meet the Philippines Nuffnang Community/Family.
On this day I will be bonding with my Facebook Family and my Dodgeball Family. We love to join the Nuffbus please reserved 4 seat for us.   

I love to say THANK YOU to the GREAT SPONSORS of this event.

 Can't wait to lighted up my own lantern and let it fly freely.
 Thank You Nuffnang for Being Part of Online Family.

Click here for more details 

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