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Sunday, May 29, 2011

GMA Hacked

 GMA twitter account was hacked and the hacker posted the log in details of the account. Just a few minutes after malicious tweet and its spreading on twitter. Many retweet those malicious tweet and I think that those malicious tweet was not from the hacker itself.

Some people salute the hacker and some hated him/her, salute by simply because he/she hacked one of  biggest News Network in the Philippines. With more than 300 thousands Follower waiting for News Feeds simple tweets will means a lot.

Then the GMA NEWS Facebook page and website. On facebook page the hacker posted the reason why he/she hacked the page showing the holes on GMA network security.

The hacker used the script type said by GMA NEWS.
Every time you visit the website a pop up message saying  Hacked by d4rkb1t. Some part of the site was corrupted or showing the source code of the article.
People are now aware about the situation.
Then Yahoo Break the news about GMA accounts been Hacked.


“We have re-established control of GMANewsOnline. Our apologies for the profanities.”

and after this tweet all of the malicious tweet was deleted one by one. The Facebook Page and Website is back to normal.

GMA Accounts been Hacked and I hope to see some news on this today.

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