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Friday, October 21, 2011

C2 Sarap ng Bukas Music Video Making Contest

So many entries and this video is one of my favorite. Almost a total of 90 video's some are professionally done while some are just entry. For a video contest like this people's creativity emerged and some will surely shine above the rest.  Voting was 30% of the overall score but not the most voted entries always wins. Think before you Click every vote counts.

Title: Sarap ng Bukas
Music: Isaac Garcia, Top Suzara and Allan Feliciano
Directed/Edited by: Sahara D. Moralita


Students: Ms. Zenaida Torres, Cammille, Harold, Ian and Mica
Mountaineers: Herman Yupio, Fechelle Moralita, Noel Santos and Jerwin (Porter Mount Batulao)
Singing Scenes: Girlie Laña, Patricia Eunice Grimaldo Laña (JJMP), Miracle Handog.
Photographer: Dennis Garcia

This is my entry for C2 Sarap ng Bukas Music Video. The theme of the video is all about "US".
Dreaming and achieving all our dreams and aspirations in life with the help of our family, friends, and the people around us which makes us a better person and strive hard to get those dreams. And with C2 beverage the world is better place to live in and syempre laging "Sarap ng Bukas"

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