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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Black Eyed Peas is coming and with Smart Communications as one of the major Sponsor they are giving away VIP tickets!!!
MUST have an active Smart mobile phone number.

1. Participants must monitor the activities on the Black Eyed Peas Ticket Xoom! Microsite as the location of the VIP-B tickets will be revealed here.

2. Once the race starts, a series of images of Metro Manila will be shown on the microsite, zooming in to the exact location of the tickets. Participants can accelerate the zoom-in process by posting the official hashtag (#smartBEP) on Twitter. The more people who tweet the hashtag, the faster the location is revealed.

3. When the map is completely zoomed in, participants must go to the specific location, present their Smart SIM card to the ticket keeper and also give the correct password to successfully claim the pair of tickets. The first three (3) participants who successfully complete the task win two (2) tickets each.
(Winners can only win once.)

4. For winners who would like to claim an extra prize, just load LAHAT TEXT UNLI 25 and show the confirmation text to claim the awesome Smart freebie (only applicable to Smart Prepaid subscribers)

We won the second leg of the race and got 2 VIP tickets .  YAHOOOOOO!!! THANK YOU SMART !!!

Still waiting for the next leg before Black Eyed Peas Concert on October 25, Mall of Asia Concert ground.

Tweet the hashtag #smartBEP and get your friends to do the same!!!

Everything is free just look for it