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Friday, January 20, 2012

Smart Blackberry Social Problem/Issues

Just avail the Smart Blackberry Plan ( ) for my Blackberry Curve 9300.First the BBM day for just 15 pesos unlimited BBM and for that service it was good then after it expired . I  avail the next BB package name BB Social for just 100 pesos for one week BlackBerry Lite Social Bundle (Unlimited access to BlackBerry Social Networking Apps, and instant messaging including BBM). The first day was great but on the next day chaos problem arise

Screenshot during at Home while connected to Wifi and still having problem with Facebook Apps

Screenshot while at home while connected to Wifi and still having problem with Twitter Apps
Right after that why not used BB Social  instead the wifi.

Have a screenshot of 3G network but still have problem There is insufficient network coverage to process your request. Please try again later but the problem reminds. 

Screenshot while check in over Trinoma is this a sign to switch network. Some of BB user suggested GLOBE.

Since I cannot connect via the BB social that's why I avail again new Smart promo the LTU50 for 3 days unlitext for all network plus 20 mins Smart/TNT/RED calls plus the 50 Mb mobile internet for 3 days.

Another wasted money and the 50mb was not used at all and still I'm registered to the BB social. 

Notification about my subscription 

 I think all the problem was a network problem but calling the CSR using *888 is like hell.
Hell for not connecting for almost several trials and wasted time during the waiting period then end up to drop call. But on the other side you can connect if you call during 1 am where lots of people are sleeping and the network was not congested. 

Anyway the BB Social subscription ended overall wasted money. Have twitted my problems on @smartcares and they send direct message trying to help.

New subscription now LTU100 but sadly the same problem arise.

I'm not satisfied over Smart Communications internet mobile service but still hoping that can trace the problem. 
In addition, hope that 24 hour Smart Customer Service was not to hard to connect and have a separated Customer Service Representative on Blackberry service and Blackberry device. 

But this problem still a puzzle to me and hope someone over Smart or Blackberry can enlighten me on this.

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