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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Speak Now or Forever Hold your Peace : Speak Up in 2012

Have you ever heard this famous line during a wedding day "if anyone has any objection that these two should not get married, speak now or forever hold your peace" and if you want to stop the wedding that was best time to speak. Same here in the internet if your want to stop something speak up and shared your views/opinion because every opinion counts.

We all know the power of the internet in just one click news/rumors and false information spread like a virus until it became viral/treading. We all been part of this cyberbullying  even we not intend to do so. Have you remembered the famous Chris Lao "I should have been informed," that became a worldwide treading topic.  The DPWH photoshop picture during typhoon Pedring over Roxas Boulevard. Or even the news about Oprah saying Shamcey should have won Miss Universe. We should speak up to stop the cyberbullying and the spreading of false information.

We all been part of this cyberbullying without us knowing about it. Simple sharing of this information or the apathy to the issues without thinking about the people involved. Recently the video of Chris Lao gone viral over the news then Youtube then the world. I think we should not be part of the bandwagon when the information can harmed people. Celebrities and politicians are always been an easy targets for cyberbullying simple mistake like our very own Venus Rarj "MAJOR MAJOR" ,Mr. Topacio  "Itlog ni Topacio" , Charice, DJ MO twister, Piolo Pascual, Manny Pacman Pacquiao over his twitter account  and even our very own President Pnoy are been subjected to cyberbullying. Lets stop the cyberbullying by not spreading the video or speak up against all the cyberbullies. Dont just go with the flow shared your own opinion and views stop the "bahala na and the pwede na yan attitude". Don't be afraid to be different and speak up what you believe in.

Sharing your views/opinion would not harm you, express your freedom and used it in the right way.But don't plagiarasm  sample,  the Department of Tourism was been accused of plagiarism because of one article that have copy then posted to DOT website without citing the source and claiming the reviews their own. With a simple copy then paste we can be accused of plagiarism unless you cited them but please don't copy-paste. Plus by copying/downloading of music and video online is an act of Piracy. Online piracy was all over the web, everyone does it and thinks it was legal. I think everyone should speak up against illegal downloads and support our local artist. STOP PIRACY BUY THE ORIGINAL.

Lastly be responsible enough on everything you share on the web. Think before you click a  GMANEWS campaign for more responsible used of the internet and information online.Stop sharing false information on the web or even on SMS without verifying it. Try to do research before posting  or sharing unverified information like the death of Will Smith or the quote of Oprah about Miss Universe.  Let's all Speak up in 2012  because you never know that your opinion would make a big difference to others.

Shared the good news and stop cyberbullying, piracy, sharing of false information and plagiarism because we are all part of it.

Speak Up in 2012 because as we speak we can make a better world!!!

SPEAK in 2012 "speak now or forever hold your peace"

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