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Monday, July 25, 2011

Happyland from Yabang Pinoy

Its advocates and volunteers are the young and idealistic Filipinos who spearheaded change in the mindsets of their countrymen. They want to convert “closet” Pinoys into Shouting Proud Pinoys, Filipinos who share the impassioned spirit and love for their country with fellow Filipinos and people from around the world. This change, they believe, will happen because they are starting it now.
We are the change we want to be.

What they do?

Yabang Pinoy understands that this progressive change is a gradual change: one day at a time, one Filipino at a time.
They are aware of their internal conflicts and discuss them among themselves to be aware of what they can do as part of nation-building. They develop fun, unique, and effective programs and activities for other Filipinos to catch the epidemic.

Yabang Pinoy's Session: YP 101 and "Happyland"!

Happyland is an inspiring film about the barefoot football players of Tondo. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Jim Libiran, Happyland is both an independent Filipino Film and an innovative social project. As a social project, Happyland aims to help popularize Football in the Philippines, while changing the lives of underprivileged athletes.

Happyland the movie tells the true story of the legendary barefoot football players of Tondo Manila. By learning a new sport they transcend poverty and realize their dream of achieving a better life.

Happyland is about friendship, hardwork, values , and inspiration.

The actors of the movie are real football players of Tondo, who trained under the Futbol sa Kalye program of Peter Amores. 

This is a must-see film for every Filipino. Please invite YABANG PINOY to your schools! Let's spread the message of hope, inspiration, & resilience amidst adversity of the Philippines.


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