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Friday, March 9, 2012

Acne Problem and its Solution

Acne are common problem with teenager and even adults. As for the teenager it's normal and part of growing up on my teenager years, I personally have acne problem and try many solution to cure it. Tried some facial washes that my brother using to cleanse his face. The famous brand back then was Eskinol with their famous tagged line "Sikreto ng mga Gwapo". After trying the product, I'm satisfied with the result and continue using it for almost 1 to 2 month until my brother notice that his supply is suddenly used up.

Lucky for me we don't have the genetics having lot's of pimple/acne problem in our bloodline. I don't need to much facial product just to cure my acne problem. Just may it simple and natural like having an active lifestyle and  having a healthy diet. Because what you take in or eat also reflect on your skin. And for people having really acne problem read Managing pimples and skin care problems solution by Janette Toral.

We know having a acne free skin will help you boost your confident and self esteem. And lastly you never know when you will be on the spotlight. and having healthy  and acne free skin would help. 

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