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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The First Lucky Draw Winners Reposted

Let’s hear a drum roll! The results of the Lucky Draw event are finally in! Check if you’re one of the first 50 lucky winners to take home a free Samsung Bluetooth headset! Can’t find your name below? Don’t be disappointed. The next round of winners will be announced on July 5! Up your chances of winning a free Bluetooth headset by joining as many Waves as you can or by creating your own Wave!

Congratulations to the first Lucky Draw Winners!

Lucky Draw Winners

Hakan Celebi, Denise Glazier, Chris Donhauser, Édenné Széll Judit, Sylvia Mse, Anil Bhatia, Chris Wilde, Rohan Sim, Halida Idrus, Thaly Moi Thuk Shung, Rusu Alexandru, Jadia Stanley, Arnau Martí Naw, Sibel Guleç, Frances Hopkins Mse, Trudi Walsh, Michael Chitewe, Isaak Geisler, Madhuri Modi, Riccardo Vargash Vittadello, Leroy Bleu, Ching Hwee, Yen 俐燕 Tan, Sean 'Thumper' Hammond, Caroline Abley, Adnan Erdem Çelik, Rohan Joseph, Adrian Butucanu, Teresa Chan, Rhonie Lopez, Jurre Claassen, Tayfun Sogutlu, Niki Linders-Sherriff, Carla Knight, Akash Singhal, Yen Yu Liang, John Chiu, Kátai Csaba, Jill Irish Tamayo, Evelyn Suttie, Johnny Phua, Mara DuPlessis Rennie, Đỗ Văn Hiệp, Ike Lam, Gail Donaldson, Ömer Suner, Jennifer Causby, Fanny Indrawati, Jezmine Zaidan, Jessa Dela Cerna-Soldao

Congratulations! Each of you above will receive a Samsung Bluetooth headset!

Please respond to our friend request or e-mail in order to claim your prize.

* Contest winners may be subject to taxation.
>>Event Terms and Conditions

* The winners have been selected by computer on a random basis.
* Participants who entered the giveaway during the event period (June 14, 2010 – June 20, 2010) were equally subject to selection.

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