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Monday, September 20, 2010

Go Nuts Donuts Promo

Godoe loves treats from Go Nuts Donuts so much he loses track on some of his favorite goodies. Everyday, from September 20, 2010 – September 24, 2010, be a friend and help Godoe find his missing treats on our website.
Make a screenshot of every page where you found the missing treats and once you found the last one, put it on one doc or pdf file and send it to our email together with your name, contact details and your preferred Go Nuts Donuts store.
Be sure to send your entries to before September 26, 2010, 12:00 PM with “GODOE! I found your missing treats”” as subject.
Godoe’’s ultra-special computer thingamajig will randomly select the winner and it will be announced on September 27, 2010.

There will be a total of 5 different missing treats. One missing treat a day. Check out our facebook fanpage, twitter accounts and website for updates!

The winner will get a box of 6 donuts and Godoe’s gratitude for being such a good friend!

1. Check on our website to know the Missing Donut.
2. Once you’ve identified the missing item, look for it on other parts of our website where it could be hiding.
3.  A different item will go missing everyday from September 20 – 24, 2010 and be sure to do STEPS 1-2 for each. Place all the screen caps in one .doc or .pdf file.
4. Once you’re done finding the 5 missing items and pasted the screenshots on a .doc or .pdf file, send it to with the subject “GODOE! I found your missing treats”!
5. Godoe’s ultra-special computer thingamagig will randomly select the winner and we’ll announce it on September 27, 2010.

 Click here to start hunting

Everything is free just look for it