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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fish & Co Experience

Fish & Co welcome the new member of the Family from the tagged line "There's Meat to Our Name".

Check the new Member of Fish & Co 
Grilled Lamb Chop comes with a big servings which is good for sharing  a Date or Group of three with Barkada. Lamp Chop with Orange and Mango the best sweetness of Mango with a kick of spicy sauce makes this dish the best. Tenderly cooked Lamp without the bad odor of the lamp and vegetable sidling to equalized the taste and lastly this dish can full a your big appetite.

One more look of  Grilled Lamb Chop
  If you don't like rice as a source of carbohydrate try pasta with a twist shrimp and chicken cook to the Finest with freshly steamed vegetable. The taste and smell of basil  really make's me in-love with Pesto. Comes with a Big serving which is good for a Date or a Group of Three.  
Shrimp And Chicken Breast Al Pesto

Breaded Chicken Piggyback, Hope I can try this one soon.

 Molten Cake and mango something for Dessert.
Chocolate cake and ice cream really is a good combination  best way to end your dinner.

We are lucky to win a Free Dinner over Fish & Co over Edsa Shangrila Branch.
 Sheila and Family

 Fritz and Family
Stephen and Family

Maya and Me

Kim and Mommy
The face of a satisfied winners and a fully full stomach.

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