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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sola Iced Tea


My first Sola Iced Tea on Boracay Island.

This way to the Canteen where you can buy SOLA ICED TEA.

SOLA ICED TEA for lunch.


SOLA ICED TEA at my working station.

"Discover the difference. Sola iced tea is as natural as ice tea can be. Every serving is delicately brewed using only the finest natural ingredients and select blend of tea leaves to make Sola unlike any other iced tea.

Sola comes from a company that is passionate in its guest for healthier alternatives to quench your thirst. We don't believe we need  expensive ads or superstar endorsements to give you a truly delicious and refreshing drink ,only a commitment to create special beverages of unparalleled quality for everyone to enjoy. "

I want to try other flavors like Lemon, Peach,Strawberry, Apple,Green tea apple,Green tea lemon and Green tea jasmine.  Sola Iced Tea everyday for a good and healthier life.

Sola Iced Tea is best served ice cold and straight up.

Note: Shake well and refrigerate after opening.

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