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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Subaru Impreza Challenge for the First Timer

Just out for the Subaru Impreza Challenge to accompany my cousin Jonathan Amador that joined the Challenge and Hope to win a free trip to Singapore. We are from Bulacan so we want to be early on the venue. On the 18th of September we wake up early and headed to Eastwood City Libis, Quezon City. We arrive at the venue and everything is all set up with all the cars ready waiting for the participants.

The odd thing happen I have no plan joining the event and Jayson Biadog one of my fellow blogger say that why not joined the event. Just a little bit of hesitation and uncertainty we head to the registration booth where some of the walk in challenger signing up for the Challenge.

 Lots of people with different personality but one goal to be part of the Subaru Impreza Challenge. Their are lots of requirement for joining the challenge but as for the walk in you can follow up your requirements if you made it to TOP 10. I have nothing to loss and have lot to gain when I register. The adventure begins with a lottery draw of numbers. The number will be your official number for the challenge and your gateway to Ultimate Subaru Challenge.It's not only a number but your placement to car some are lucky some are not and I'm one of the lucky guy to got a good spot on car 1.

Number 40 for me and 21 for my cousin.

Official Challenger number 40
 It was exactly 12:00 when the Subaru Impreza Challenge a total of 95 participants hoping to outwit , outlast and outplay each other something like a Survivor Game. Only the top 10 will advance to Singapore for a chance to win the Subaru Car. The task was simple for everyone the only thing you need is a Right Hand and placing it over the marker for as long as you can. With a 5 minutes break every 6 hours, break to eat, drink and relax. We lasted for almost 6 hours and end our adventure during the start of the second 6 hours.

Member of car 1 that failed
Car 1 and the number 40 spot
After 6 hours and after the first break I realized that I'm not well prepared for the challenge. One thing that I have learned not everything is free you must work for it. Your determination and faith  will get you what you want. Overall I'm glad and happy to part of this challenge and Hope to joined on 2011.

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