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Monday, September 19, 2011

My BonChon Chicken Adventure

My  Bonchon Chicken Adventure, Bonchon Chicken was the best chicken in America (as per the New York Times, GQ, and Esquire) -- now in Manila!

It was September 10, 2011 afternoon at  BonChon Ayala Triangle,Makati a blogger event organized by  PR ASIA and Bon Chon 

Got lucky to have an invited from Sir Azrael and have a chance to meet some of the foodie blogger in Manila. I'm not really good on name's but always remember the faces of people  I meet.

To start the BonChon Adventure, first dish is the salad Ginger Tofu Salad.

Fresh lettuce with Tofu, fried siomai wrapper and with julien cut carrots plus the dressing. Every salad have two set of dressing  which you flavor the salad more. Tips Best Shake the Salad with the dressing rather than dipping it.The salad will look messy but it will taste even better.

Next stop the most awaited Bonchon Chicken, It has super crispy skin but not too oily from frying. Bonchon chicken  was cooked using a  Special Cooking Method making it superb. Cooked to order. Healthier fried chicken. Surely, BonChon Chef and crew was well trained to maintain the Quality of every food they serve. I tried the spicy chicken, spicy chicken was specially mark with a toothpick. Bonchon spicy chicken was a must try for chicken lover out their.

From salad and appetizer here come's one more unusual dish from Bonchon Chicken. From the name BonChon Chicken would you think that they also serve fried Calamari. For the calamari you can dipped it to a spicy sauce with cheese. For me this would be a great addition for Bonchon additional variety.

Still have some space for more because after all of that another vegetarian dishes was the next star of the table. A large taco dish with fish fillet and julienne cuts vegetable.

One piece of this taco will surely make you feel full because it almost 200 grams a wild estimate. Tips on eating the Taco add or ask for extra dressing specially the same dressing from calamari dish they taste superb.

Before the Finale people have time to socialize and take picture of everyone. Here some stolen moments from my Samsung camera.
(Left) Scott Tan raffling some Prize for a lucky blogger. (Right) The BonChon Crew Modelling their products.

Azrael picking some chicken click here for more photo

Finally the final dish of the adventure  was a  Rice meal from BonChon Chicken a Beef dish name Bulgogi Rice. Beef teryaki style cooking with a twist of Bonchon techniques. This can be serve with rice or with fresh lettuce calling it Bulgogi Wrap.

I was not expecting that my BonChon Adventure would be this fun. Thank you and see you BONCHON CHICKEN PHILIPPINES.

Note Bonchon Chicken are Best consumed when you order.

For takeout or pick-up: Just open the box to keep it crisp; reheat in the oven or toaster.

Everything is free just look for it