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Friday, September 30, 2011

Severe Weather Bulletin TYPHOON "QUIEL"

Tropical Storm "QUIEL" has intensified into typhoon and poses threat to Northern Luzon. 

Friday, 30 September 2011 

Location of Center: (as of 4:00 a.m.)   
770 kms East of Aparri, Cagayan

Coordinates:     17.6°N, 129.9°E

Strength:     Maximum sustained winds of 130 kph near the center
Gustiness of up to 160 kph

Movement:     Forecast to move West at 22 kph

Forecast Positions/Outlook:   
Saturday morning:
300 km East Southeast of Aparri, Cagayan
Sunday morning:
130 km West Southwest of Laoag, City
Monday morning:
630 km West of Laoag, City

Areas Having Public Storm Warning Signal 


Babuyan Grp. of Islands 

Residents in low lying and mountainous areas under Public Storm Warning Signals are alerted against possible flashfloods and landslides. Likewise, those living in coastal areas are alerted against big waves or storm surges generated by this tropical cyclone.

Typhoon Quiel is expected to enhance the Southwest Monsoon and will bring scattered to widespread rains over Southern Luzon and Western Visayas.

Estimated rainfall amount is from 15 - 25 mm per hour within the 400 km diameter of the Typhoon.

The public and the disaster coordinating councils concerned are advised to take appropriate actions and watch for the next bulletin to be issued at 11 AM today. 

How to navigate and view the latest update on Philippine Weather. 

You can visit PAGASA old website or beta version of the new website

For your latest daily forecast  download the pdf file click here old website link.

For the new website you can download by clicking the link on the front page and topmost part of the Daily Forecast.  ( Public Weather Forecast)

While for you latest update on Dam and Flooding , you can visit or follow PAGASA Official Twitter Account of PAGASA-Flood Forecasting and Warning Section!/PAGASAFFWS .

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