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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Personal Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogger for 2011

This would be my second year on blogging and my second time to share my top ten influential blogger. If you have your very own top 10 you can Join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 Writing Project . My personal top ten was base on what they have done to the community, personal achievement and their passion on blogging. Blogger with no bias and truly sharing their life experience to the world.

Blogger are the new media , endorser, celebrity  and historian  of our generation.  Keep on blogging and share your view to the world. 
For my top 10 here they are:

1. Unbox by Carlo S. Ople

Unbox features awesome products for the modern-day Filipino. They have 4 major categories namely: Gadgets, Wheels, Style, and Play. plus freebies and promo. 

Surely Unbox will be the best review site for coming years. Keep Unbaxing and sharing :D

  2. BLOG.PH by Jay El

What's the latest?! That is what will try to answer. Latest movies in the Philippines, concert, events and what have you. All of them, well have them covered. Send your PR to and use that email for other queries as well. is an up-and-coming lifestyle blog own by JayL Aquino. It is just a 9-month old blog but already averaging 35,000 views a month! Ranked by as one of the top 500,000 sites in the world and ranked as the #3,395 website in the Philippines. It already received a page rank of three, 218 email subscribers, 125 NetworkedBlogs followers, 1,258 Facebook fans and 1,758 Twitter followers :) 

For me Jay and will surely the next big thing on Movie,concert and events source for the coming days. Congrats Jay!!!

3. Moms World of Arts and Happiness by Mommy Lariza

"I'm a proud mom of five artistic kids who wants to share their world to others and find happiness along the way" -Lariza

A full time Mom and inspiring Mommy blogger. Love how she can be a great Mom and good blogger at the same time. From Divisoria stall to Television Guesting truly a wonder Mom. A great example what modern Mother can do in this new changing world of social media. Keep it up Mami Lariza :D

4. Crumpylicious Blog by Stacy and Kurt

Sharing daily experience, discoveries, encounters and insights of everything.

Crumpylicious Blog documents Stacy and Kurt's journey through their mid-20's, as they are soul-searching  for what they want in life.  Hoping that they will remember as much as they can of their simple life.

A blog of two wonderful people know more about them click here.

Personally they are the new breed of blogger. 

5. Lakwatsera Lovers by Matt Suzara and KRistina Esperancilla Indangan

About the Author they like to party all night. Can watch 8 movies for a day. (especially if its my free day!)  hated cockroach, About the Author they like to party all night. Can watch 8 movies for a day. (especially if its my free day!)  hated cockroach, love ice cream. Screaming are one their talent. Sometimes an angel, But sometimes  a bitch. They  love colorful things and hate too much ketchup. Like me  they  love to meet new friends.

They  feature  anything and everything especially movies. Contest addict specially about movie premiere tickets movie blogger on 2011. Must follow blog from movie review and updates.

6. ShyGirl Quin by Ning Buning 

 about everyday experiences of the author new things that learned, friends gained and all about life can give.

I'm so lucky to know this girl because we share the same passion we love contest and blogging. She share contest to her follower and friends  but for this blog it more on events and advocacy. Shygirl named Ning Buning and up to now I can't remember the real name of this Shygirl.

7. MUSIC, MOVIES, STARS, ETC  by Ellen joy Castel Cayaba 

What will my entertainment blog offer? Anything that entertains me! The songs I hear, movies I watch, people I see and meet, stars and celebrities that amuse me, activities that I find delightful, and more! MMS (Music, Movie, Stars) is about anything that could be a source of fun for me, and perhaps for you as well.

Mrs. Ellen was one the blogger that I always look up to specially on blog about everyday life of a full time mommy blogger. And my influenced to keep on blogging for extra earning someday.

  8. Certified Foodies  by MHel and Ken

Certified Foodies is a food blog shared by 2 siblings Mhel and Ken. They both love cooking, going on food trips, discovering new flavor combinations, and challenging their taste buds.

On this blog, they share, not just their gustatory and culinary adventures, but their own recipes, too, of not-so-common dishes to show people how easy they are to make at home, thus encouraging people to go back to their own kitchen and cook. That is one of the major reasons why Certified Foodies was started back in May 2010.

Also, join them as Ken goes through his journey to being a chef. You can read more about 
them here:

Keep on eating and cooking guys love your blog and specially the Food. Certified Foodie Cablay

9. by Jhong Medina and Team.

 In memory our national hero Jose Rizal Jhong and others created not only to promote our national heritages to world but I also wanted to remove the  stigma created by the Quirino Grandstand incident. Rizalpark is so close to my heart because, aside from being a born ManileƱo... I have great childhood memories back then. I really want my children and future grandchildren to be proud of it too. 

Sir Jhong is one of the blogger that uses blogging for the benefit of future generations. Jhong is historian blogger for me. And we are all historian in our own little way. 
10. Blogger Manila by Jonel Uy started October 10, 2010 (10/10/10). It discusses mainly about three important things in the online community today:

Social Media, Blogging and Online Engagements

"Social Media and Blogs play a big part in today’s online community. Beyond that, their effects and influence actually goes offline too since behind these blogs and social networking site accounts are real people. Real people who interact in the physical world as well. So I guessit is safe to say that your online presence is just as important as your offline persona." 
- Jonel Uy

It's Jonel Uy the Mentor that's it :D

Got so many blog on mind but that's my Personal top 10 Influential Blogger for 2011.

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