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Monday, November 7, 2011

BAGA MANILA BeerBecuers Fest

Last October 28,"Salamanca Food Hawker & Nightmarket"' by D'DenDar Thematic Event Organizer  presents Beerbecuers Fest with BAGA MANILA (Barbecuers and Grillers Association Manila)  at  A . Venue Open Parking Makati Avenue.
Just a friendly reminder for the organizer eat all you can and keep your cholesterol level low.Plus take care of your personal belongings.
Beerbecuers fest showcase all the BAGA Manila member and some other food confectioners like Medchef, Phillymignon Cheesesteaks, Double Delights Food Products and  Ogre Burger.  For all of the Food Stall Ogre Burger and Phillymignon Cheesesteaks stands out for me. Ogre Burger offer the biggest and the spiciest burger. While Phillymignon Cheesesteaks having the tastiest cheesesteaks on the special bread. Click here for more picture during the event

During the event their are eating contest and prizes to be won. First eating contest was the OGRE BURGER eating contest . Three brave and hungry participant was up to the challenge and I'm one of them. Three layered Ogre Burger Patty freshly cook and hot from the pan. I didn't won my first eating contest but we are all winners having a very full stomach after. Kuya won the contest and bragged the right to be the Ogre Burger King of the Beerbecuers Fest 2011.

Faintlight rock the party with some original Music. Learn more about Faintlight be a fan of Facebook

The longest Isaw,barbecue and kebab was all in BEERBECUERS FEST plus the fastest beer drinker in Makati Avenue. Check some photos from Maya Briones   for more cravings.

To heat up the night Fire dancers play with fire and display large fireball and fancy dance moves.
I would like to acknowledge Miss Dawn for the invite because last October 28, was a night to remember from  "Salamanca Food Hawker & Nightmarket"' by D'DenDar Thematic Event Organizer  Beerbecuers Fest with BAGA MANILA (Barbecuers and Grillers Association Manila rocks my stomach barbecue cravings.

Visit BAGA MANILA at A. Venue Makati Avenue City

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