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Friday, November 25, 2011

Sentro 1771 First in Modern Filipino Cuisine

Want some Pinoy Cuisine ? Sentro 1771 is a must try for everyone that's love Filipino Food with a modern twist and taste. Sentro 1771 was located at Level 2, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati and Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Situated in a very strategic place where middle/upper class people usually hang out and celebrate. We all know that we Filipino love to celebrate and in every celebration come's with tasty food and drinks. Sentro 1771 was the place to celebrate a casual dining experience with great atmosphere plus the old Pinoy style ambiance.  

Sentro 1771 can cater large number of people but always take note of the date/day you plan to visit because Sentro 1771 is one resto thats always have great number of people. This proves that Sentro 1771 was the first in Modern Filipino Cuisine that people love to come over and over again.  

Sentro 1771 have a very good service because you can always saw one waiter near you. Each waiter is very attentive and polite and I think each waiter came from great school. They are all well oriented with the resto delicacy and specialty and if you don't know what to order ask the waiter they will surely have some suggestion which depends on your food choices. Lastly,want to be a King and Queen well dine at Sentro 1771 just for one day.

 Here come's the best part of my Sentro 1771 experience the food and the dining part. Sentro 1771 offers one of the Pinoy's Favorite Sinigang na Baka or a Beef Stew over Tamarin but Sentro 1771 have their own version because they used corned beef for their sinigang. So tender and tasty beef with a bit kick of sour taste of tamarin and spicy taste of green chili with your favorite sinigang vegetable like gabi, kangkong, labanos and tomatoes.

That was the main dishes but before the sinigang na corned beef. A a plate of small ball thing was served for appetizer and they called it Fried Kesong Puti. What is kesong Puti? Kesong Puti came from carabao milk that usually came from province our Pinoy version of white cheese. Sentro 1771 added a twist to this Kesong Puti by coating and frying breadcrumbs until golden brown. Plus the addition of two dips a creamy garlic and a sweet chili guava sauce. I love the creamy garlic dip more than the chili guava sauce but some like the other way.

Next for appetizer a Fresh smoked fish spring rolls our simply Tinapa spring rolls. You will never know what inside of it until you ate it. Looks like a sushi but with a sushi Pinoy Style smoked bangus, salted egg, tomato and the green leafy vegetable partners with vinegar for taste. Best way to start your appetite going best starter with the Friend Kesong Puti.

Another Sentro 1771  best the Sisig made from Tofu for healthy version of our Pork Sisig. First class tofu season with soy sauce, mayonnaise, onion chives, diced onions and calamansi on top. This is a appetizer but as good for main dish best paired with some steamed rice.

We Pinoy are not satisfied without rice, Sentro 1771 offer lots of selection of rice steamed or the flavored one .Like, Sentro’s bagoong rice is a meal in itself. Rice fried with garlic and bagoong served with sliced and grilled macau chorizo and beef tapa and topped with omelet strips and mango strips. Sentro Rice is good for sharing 3-4 person which depend on appetite of the group.

More food for us and here comes the Crispy Pork Ribs a deep-fried baby back rips fingers served on the side with tamarind sauce. Your utensils was not required if you order this dish. Best ate with bared handed so you have to use your hands for best dining experienced. Just washed after you're done. One Pinoy tradition eating with bare handed the Best.

Another Sentro 1771 specialty was the Garlicky Adobo. At first when it was served I have no clue that was the Adobo. We all know that Pinoy  adobo must be a little bit black and season with soy sauce. Sentro Garlicky Adobo was lot like a mechedo for me. Garlicky adobo have lots of garlic on it  making it Garlicky and without soy sauce I think  Sentro used vinegar and lots of salt to create a distinct taste.

One of the main fish dishes of Sentro 1771 was the Rated GG. Galunggong fillets fried in garlic oil and topped with browned garlic. Taste like daing or dried fish with a little bit taste of Spanish sardines because of the oil. And I think why its named as rated GG because of the fish used and the way it was season not your ordinary GG.

On the right side was the Bangus and Eggplant torta. Your ordinary tortang talong with bangus taste like reyelnong bangus on eggplant.

 What would be a dinner without some refreshment, Sentro 1771 have lots of  option when in comes to refreshment. You can have sodas, bottled drinks, fresh fruit shakes and herbal tea. But for me Sago't Gulaman was the must try for first time dinner.Sentro sago't gulaman was unlimited and it's not just ordinary sago't gulaman because they used muscovado to sweetened it.  Taste like honey and I love it but drink moderately with unlimited refill you can be easily be full.

With all of the great food and unlimited sago't gulaman. I'm fully fulled and can't go on for dessert.
Sentro 1771 was my first Filipino restaurant I tried and want to came back to try some other Pinoy delicacy with Sentro twist.

Before going out you must try to used the comfort room and you will be please how clean and neat it was. Just take time to rest and appreciated what you have during your Sentro experience.
One of the neatest Comfort Room from a Restaurant. 
Clean Comfort Room
Long Arrangement for Big Groups
Sentro Fine Dining
Simple Set Up for Large Group and Celebration

Open Ricer and Blogger at Sentro 1771
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