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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Supersized Bulalo Cooked Off at SM Hypermarket Batangas

Every time I heard Bulalo on thing surely get into my mind "MASARAP AT MAINIT NA SABAW" . It's one of my comport food especially when the weather begins to turn cold. As the -ber months continue to get cooler because of Amihan, SM Hypermarket Batangas holds the Bulalo Supersized Cook- Off in an attempt to do something that has never been attempted before - to bring together several bulalo cooks and serve up the largest amount of delicious soup ever to be made in one are at one time over the Bulalo capital of the Philippines Batangas City.

Bulalo has always been the epitome of simplicity - it's just beef bones and vegetables, after all but the same time, it has a richness of flavor and intensity that send people into throes of enjoyment. Even people travel for hours just to get to a prime bulalo restaurant, and will often return to a favorite place over and over again to relive the experience. Batangas bulalo, in particular has been touted to be some of the most delectable fare around, the province being known for quality of its me.

Bulalo also has many versions. Almost every cook that makes the dish cooks it in a certain way, adding their own touch to it and modifying it ever so slightly. Just like some of participants of the Supersized Bulalo Cook-Off namely Place of Mine Catering,Hot and Cold Cafe, Ginazel Catering, Le Elegancia, Siemen’s Canteen, Restaurant El Torro, Madelyn dela Pena/Lutong Bahay Karlos Place and Tapa Kalderate Atbp. Hence the second part of the Cook-off goals, other than setting a super-siezed record for the city of Batangas: to showcase the different varieties of bulalo and to find the best tasting one. Click here for more mouth watering bulalo pics

The Cook-off is one of the three components of the SM Hypermarket Master Chefs which began in July 2011. The two other events were a cooking marathon and kitchen makeovers. The marathon was made up of weekly cooking demos held in all stores for three months, and the kitchen makeovers awarded five lucky families with a newly redesigned kitchen furnished by SM Hypermarket and designed by PSID graduates.
At the end of the day, two groups will be announced as winners. The best tasting and most Number of bowls served category which Madelyn dela Pena/Lutong Bahay emerged as the group to have provided the most servings with a total of 165 servings. Each group were required to provide at least 50 servings weighing 100 grams per serving to the delight of the audience.

The winning group early celebrating their upcoming victory during the presentation.

For the best tasting bulalo three lucky judge must endured the high blood pressure and different taste of bulalo was Chefs Aries Cueto and JunJun Borlan Jr. with SM Hypermarket Assistant Manager Jun Lozada to judge the competition. The group with the best tasting Bulalo was Le Elegancia. Both winners will each get 25,000 pesos worth of SM gift certificates and a plaque of recognition from SM Hypermarket.

Batangas Bulalo was the second SM Hypermarket Supersized Challenges. The previous cookoff was held in Pampanga, and served up a whopping 1,775 plates of sisig. It remains to be seen if the cooks of Batangas can outdo the previous record. But even if they do, there are two record-breaking cook-offs to watch out for - Iloilo's Batchol Challenge which been held simultaneously with the Bulalo Cook-Off and the Upcoming Cebu's Bibingka Challenge on November 18.

I would like to say thank you to SM Hypermarket and Nomnom Club for the invite. Bulalo Cook-Off was blast with my fellow foodie bloggers.

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