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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beyond the Box Promo :Crack Open a Loot Box Adventure

I been browsing the internet and spotted this Beyond the Box post.

The post stated "Crack open the box and get more than what you pay. For every minimum purchase of P1,000 of any item each customer will get a loot box containing instant giveaways and the thrill is in the mystery of what you'll get! See poster for more info. Crack that! :D"

But wait look at the small caption in the middle two of the box was inserted with an Ipod Touch and Ipod Nano.  Plus a guaranteed Quickly Accessory in every loot box. So I decided take may chances to be the lucky pick and head on to Beyond The Box - One Rockwell, Stall 103, Ground Level, One Rockwell East Tower, Makati City.

  All your favorite Apple Devices on display and ready for testing inside the store.

 Stall thinking and placing some new stock and display. 

 Beyond the Box is now open at  Beyond The Box - One Rockwell, Stall 103, Ground Level, One Rockwell East Tower, Makati City. 

If you have time and still shopping for great gifts for this Christmas why not visit Beyond the Box tomorrow!!! The Ipod touch was already been taken but the Ipod Nano was still hiding behind those box.

 Click here from Photos 

Got this Loot Box after buying 2 item 
Guess which Item I bought and which one came from the Box?

Plus the Quirky Product was so cute and innovative. Introducing the Broom Groomer - A Sweeping Improvement In Dustpans . Have a great time with the Beyond the Box Loot Box Promo and someone special will surely love her new Headset. Merry Christmas Everyone and Think Beyond the Box.

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