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Friday, December 2, 2011

Simple Guide for the next MSI ECS Sale

Last November 28, 2011 , We planned  to visit the HP Warehouse Sale near Eastwood City. Almost up to 80 % Sale Laptops, Desktop, printer,speaker, mouse and other computer accessories  plus camera, smart phone, ipad , ipod, Itouch accessories  is also on sale. 
It was just almost 9:30 that we arrived on the venue because of the great signage and lots of banner that help us on finding the warehouse. 
 First Tip : Go as early as you can because like everyone says "The Early Bird catches the Biggest Discount" for me MSI ECS sale is like a Auction but an Auction which time is more valuable than money.

   Tip Number 2 : Make a list of your preferred item to buy and always have a second, third  or even a fourth option in case everything was already sold out or out of stock. 
  Tip Number 3 : Bring your own ball pen, food, drink, gadgets that will keep you busy and if you have your own printer have a copy of the Price list. 
 Tip Number 4 : Ask the guard about the rules/guidelines and make friends with them if you can. (PALAKASAN SYSTEM is Implement here in the Philippines)
  Tip Number 5 : Ask/mingle with fellow shopper because some of them only target one item and once that Item is gone they just go away. You can ask for the number which maybe much better than yours to shorted the waiting time.
   Tip Number 6 : We know that first impression last so wear your most comfortable corporate attire because some people have pass the guard with that something I called feeling mayaman/mayabang :D
Great Ipod Shuffle casing on sale.

 Tip Number 7 : If your not aiming on the greatest discount just visit the warehouse sale on the second day or even on the last day to avoid the first day rush.

7 Inch Tab Sleeve

 Baggage number and your passes.
Take some pictures  to share 

Some tricks that people used during the first day of the sale or the opening sale. 

Trick Number 1 : If you want to go inside just pin point someone inside that you know/even you don't know  and the guard will let you in. 

Trick Number 2 : If you want to go inside just act that your disable person because they priority people with disability. (HAHAHA...PIZ)

Trick Number 3 : Is just for Girls because most of the guard are guys so with just some sweet and lovely smile you can bypass some steps.  

Trick Number 4 : Play dead on the venue and everyone will assist you and letting you in. 

Even with some bad experience, the HP warehouse sale was a Blast!!! 
If you have your own tips/tricks just comment and shared it with other.

See you on the NEXT MSI ECS SALE 2012!!!

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