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Monday, April 12, 2010

Bulacan State University Adventure With the WIWIT Corp

College days are over and still to many thing to remember. This are the days when we all start to play soccer as a Team as a Group. We are the WIWIT BOYS and we are the Engineering Soccer Team. We are the team that relive Engineer Soccer for Intramural. All of us dont have any backgroud about the sport but except for one member of the WIWIT BOYS "Cresenciano Lugos" also known as SENSEN or Bossing. He was the star Player of Bulacan State University (BSU) Soccer Team since high school till college. As a group we decided to formed the Engineering Soccer when we are all on 5th year. Some of us are graduating and some will be left behind. But that year was the start of Engineering Soccer Team a milestone to Engineering Department. We are the underdog for the year no shoes, no varsity on the team, no experience BUT we are WIWIT BOYS AJA FIGHTING we place 3rd out of the 4 department. COED, COE, CIT and IT.

        The old BSU stadium was the battlefield or we can call our playground. We play even when its raining or even the sun is on its peak. Play with all our heart and plays like a child, feels like every game would be our last. We met new friends along the way and saw how our classmates loved the group.

We love everyone who support us and believe on us. We are WIWIT and always be a WIWIT.