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Friday, April 9, 2010

First Blog about Online Experience

Sitting on front on my laptol and don't know what to do then why not try to start a blog. A personal blog for online contest and now I'm writing my first blog and hope to continue this as my journal. I have no idea that I will doing this but I think everything need to start with a short story. Here's my story why I start a blog of my own. First, I'm just a guy who love to used the internet then one day I try to joined an online contest. At first I have no luck on contest then I won a movie pass for G.I Joe Rise of Cobra. After that I found online contest interesting and fun.

I joined the Purple Hunt promo of Yahoo Philippines which I won a Purple Tshirt from Team Manila and meet new people along the way called the Midnight Hunter Group. MHG is the first online community/group that I ever have composed of different people and personality but with the same interest to find new friends. We just meet on internet and now we are friends and held a regular meet up every time. We all didn't win the contest but we are all winners.
Then I joined the "Love to Watch , Love to Bid" a online promo of QTV channel 11 powered by . Its a whole months of collecting points thru clicking ads. Then we start the live discussion for which the member chat and discuss things about the promo it was called the "Live Discussion" on the forum section. They have big prizes and lucky I won one of the Major Prizes the Fine Dining for one year that we still enjoyed up to now.
This are new community which I became the President of the live discussion we also held Eyeball for all the active member. Even the promo ended we still communicate which each other and hopefully we will have the second EB this Summer.

So that was the start why I'm here writing blog about freebies, promo and my own adventure online.
Hope you enjoy my Story.
Resly George Amador