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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fine Dining 2

It's January 28, 2010 just an ordinary day for other but for me it's my birthday. We set our celebration at Florabel for our second fine dining. Before going to Florabel I have to pick up my partner at Cybergate Robinson Poineer and I made a promise to my self not to ate a lot that night. We take a Taxi going to The Podium and as we enter Florabel the crew or waiter smile at us. I think they remember us ^_^.

Looking at the menu and start planning what to order again suddenly the Manager told us the we can't take out anymore like the first time. That was shocking I'm planning to have some cheesecake for take out for my family that day. Anyway that was the terms and condition of the GC hehehe we have to consumed everything in one sitting. Enjoy the ride and while we test our limit for the ultimate fine dining experience. Time check we started at almost 7:30 pm.

First stop soup,we try new soups and shared it as well , 3 mushroom soup with oyster sauce for  Me. Wow that was great the mushroom and oyster sauce have a good combination and it was served really hot. A Shrimp Bisque Soup for Maya a good starter to warmed our stomach.

             For closer look of the Mushroom Soup and the Shrimp Bisque Soup.                                

They always served water and the waiter always refill it everytime he saw that it's almost empty but we order extra drink Orange Juice for Maya and a Fusion of Orange and Carrot for me. Sarap

Then out the salad hehehe two plate of salad for sharing Foie Gras Salad and Crab Tempura Toss Salad one serving if good for two people but we try to order two different salad. We didn't finish everything but it was Yummy !!!!  
                                                    Crab Tempura Toss Salad (left) and Foie Gras Salad (Right)

Finish with the soup, salad and now the pasta is out. For the pasta we tried the ABI and Christopher pasta Red sauce for Christopher and White sauce for ABI. I have no idea why they called by that name but its good  and you can select different pasta.

 Florabel table setting and Florabel Cocktail Menu. We take time to took some photo while waiting for the next meal which is the main course or we can say sub main course. Two plates namely the Braised Beef Short ribs and the Tiger Prawn. We also tried there wine J.Creek Chardonnay, Fortant white merlot.

That was the sub main course but for the main course the Florabel Finest Steak called the Surf and Turf now they have lobster.  Amazing its my first time to ate a lobster so this will be great.
Wow time check and it was almost 9:30 again and still we are not on our last meal the dessert. And think that we are not full that time especially me nyahaha. Timeout and take some picture while eating the sub and main course while tasting the wine.And its my birthday right so Maya made a simple card for me hehehe sweet.

Now the soup,salad,pasta, sub and main course was finished no left over for us. Astig!!!

So for the finale the desserts,Toblerone Chocolate Mousse a combination of dark and white chocolate with Gran Marnier, Cheesecake Slice with Choice of fruit toppings: Strawberry, blueberry, mango and a Chocolate Decadence Ala Mode Moist a dense flourless chocolate cake with Mantecado ice cream. And three shot of Bailey's one for me and two for Maya.

Everything was great but my favorite was there cheesecake with blueberry toppings.

So that was our second fine dining at Florabel and we would to thank the following The Podium, Florabel, WMN.PH and QTV 11 for this wonderful day. See you Next Month.