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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunar Eclipse Philippines

Total Eclipse of the Moon

A Total Lunar Eclipse will occur on June 16 and will be visible in the Philippines provided that the sky is clear. The entire event will be seen from the eastern half of Africa, the Middle East, central Asia and western Australia. 

Observers throughout Europe will miss the early stages of the eclipse because they occur before moonrise. Fortunately, totality will be seen throughout the continent except for northern Scotland and northern Scandinavia. Eastern Asia, eastern Australia, and New Zealand will miss the last stages of eclipse because they occur after moonset. 

Even observers in eastern Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina will witness totality. However, none of the eclipse will be visible from North America. At mid-eclipse, the Moon is near the zenith for observers from Reunion and Mauritius.

The eclipse will begin at 1:23 AM Philippine Standard Time (PST) and will end at 7:02 AM (PST).
In Manila, the moon will rise at 6:03 P.M. on 15 June and will set at 5:38 A.M. on 16 June. The major phases of the eclipse are as follows:

  Penumbral eclipse begins:
  1:24 APM
  Partial eclipse begins
  2:22 AM
  Greatest eclipse
  4:12 AM
  Partial eclipse ends
  6:02 AM
  Penumbral eclipse ends
  7:00 AM

This will be the longest lunar eclipse for the Year. 

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