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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sabit na!!! Sabit Mountaineer Year 6

SABIT takes the road to 2020!

In cooperation with Haribon Foundation and The Caliraya-Lumot Watershed reservation (CLW), SABIT Mountaineers will help in the goal of restoring 1 million hectares of our rainforests using native tree species by year 2020. 

For our 6th anniversary, we will plant native tree species in order to recover and conserve biodiversity. Meaning, we will not just fill the earth, we will help build healthy forest with rich populations of animals and plants, stable abundant water supply, and protection from natural disasters.

All participants are encouraged to donate and plant at least one seedling. Cost is Php 100.00, inclusive of the seedling, land preparation and maintenance.

CLW was proclaimed as a reservation under Proclamation 573 (Parcel No. 9) covering an area of 10,770 hectares with special uses as reservoir for power generation in Luzon. Due to varying conflicting uses such as: agriculture production, ecotourism, recreation, real estate, resorts and rest houses, among others, the watershed is now at the state of degradation and over-exploitation.

Proposed Itinerary:

Day 1
4:00 AM - Meet-up at Shell Boni
5:00 AM - ETD
7:00 AM - ETA Sta. Cruz, Laguna / Marketing / Breakfast
8:00 AM - ETD for Cavinti
8:30 AM - Meet-up other participants at the entrance of Japanese Garden
9:00 AM - ETD for Barangay Lumot
9:30 AM - Barangay Lumot / short trek to tree planting site / preparation
10:00 AM - Program
10:30 AM - ETD for Ecosaddle
11:00 AM - Ecosaddle / prepare lunch / lunch / set camp / free time
5:00 PM - Prepare dinner
6:00 PM - dinner
7:00 PM - socials / games / raffle

Day 2
7:00 AM - Wake-up call / prepare breakfast / breakfast / free time
10:00 AM - Games / Raffle / Closing
12:00 NN - Hosted Lunch / Free time
3:00 PM - ETD for Manila
6:00 PM - ETA Manila

Note: We will rent a bus to Caliraya. For those who want to join the bus, please confirm ASAP. First come, first serve basis. Same fare as public transportation, which is Php 500.00.

Ecosaddle charges Php 50.00 entrance inclusive of overnight camping and wash-up. Boats, kayaks and jetskis are also available for rent. Just inquire with the camp managers.

Registration Fee is Php 6.00. Pre-climb on Thursday, June 16 at Mogwai, Cubao X. Please bring Php 6.00 and bus fare.

Things to bring:
tent / sleeping bag
stove / cookset
drinking water / food / alcohol for personal consumption
ant-mosquito lotion / patch

For those who want to commute:
From Cubao, take the Sta. Cruz, Laguna bus. Tell the driver to drop you off at the palengke of Sta. Cruz. From the palengke, take the jeep with the signs for Lumot. Get-off Japanese Garden or EcoSaddle

T-shirt: Php 250.00 (optional) for reservation.

Contact Persons:

Kelly Austria - 0917 5071211
Myrla Punongbayan - 0917 8296243

Sabit na!!

Everything is free just look for it