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Monday, June 13, 2011

Philippine Dodgeball Team Tryout

Play , Learn and Be the First Philippine Dodgeball Team

The right time has come for the PDBA to create the Philippines official legitimate dodgeball team which will be recognized/accredited nationally and internationally.

Not like the growing number of people that we've seen through the years, riding on our accomplishments, each one claiming to be the Philippine team but are really just out for personal profit at the expense of the PDBA's good name.

How to qualify for and become the Philippine Team of Dodgeball:

1. Sign up a team of 10 males for the male Philippine Dodgeball Team


2. Sign up a team of 10 females for the female Philippine Dodgeball Team


3. Post a recruitment thread in this album or on the wall of this fan page if you need more players

4. Players ages 15 and above may join, minors need to show parental consent

5. We will schedule dodgeball clinics for new players/teams to learn the game

6. We will schedule round robin matches on scheduled dates convenient for participating teams

7. The winner of the batch/group qualifies to enter the Philippine Dodgeball Championship

8. Teams may try as many times as they like to enter the Philippine Dodgeball Championship. So if you do not win a qualifying tournament now you may sign up and try to win the next one again

9. The PDBA will hold the Philippine Dodgeball Championships for all the qualifying teams to join and the top teams become the Philippine Team for Dodgeball who will represent our country in sanctioned National and International Dodgeball tournaments

Check PDBA Official Facebook Page for UPDATE


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