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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It is time for another TREK project my friends. Some of you may not know it but for most of the communities we have served, only you have gone there to help. Many of you also visit the kids in White Cross, keep watch with Greenpeace, and donate to Red Cross, and other groups go there too; when you go to a TREK community project, most likely no other or very very few people have gone there to help but your group. 
We have found another such isolated community in Atan a purok in Nueva Viscaya, which has seen no other mountaineering group, nor other NGO, according to their purok head. Like most untouched communities, each person we met greeted us with a smile and wishes for a good morning. The village has kept its basic values of hospitality, warmth, and curiosity. Without knowing us, they gave us their best room for us to sleep in, and even offered us their simple meal of sweet potato.

They strive to make their lives better. Nearly all the families send their children to school despite the Spartan classrooms and incomplete facilities; the school does not have electricity, decent restroom, nor running water. Such is their commitment that many students walk 2 hours each way to go to school on steep paths. Alas during “ber” months, when the rains come, attendance drops as the muddy terrain become difficult for the barefoot students to navigate.

Aside from the challenging distance, terrain, and weather, the students also have to contend with the dearth of textbooks, notebooks, pencils, and even slippers. The pursuit of education is difficult enough in many parts of the Philippines, but even more in distant tribes as in Atan Elementary School. Let us help them make their pursuit of education less challenging. Atan is remote, and it almost just you who can deliver help with a smiling face despite your aching bones.

Posted here is a list of their needs you may be able to help with. You can join us in delivering the goods on August 20-21, 2011. It is evident that they can expect no immediate help from any other group but yours.

"If not you then who? If not now, then when?" - Phillip Vera Cruz adding to Hillel 'the Elder'

The climb fee is P1700 which includes transportation, local fees, ID, polo shirt/ t-shirt, and donation.

First TREK

Blessing From TREK

Great Adventure Hanging Bridge Scary

Helping Kids of Kibungan 

School Supplies for the Kids from Donations.

Slippers for everyone

Food Trip the Local Way Sarap

Fusion :D


The most memorable part of TREK is this Video. 


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