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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Resly George Amador's Dark Roast Coffee Jelly Summer Adventure

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They were exhausted and hungry. The road ahead got darker the farther they went. Resly George Amador , Mary Jomelle Briones and JosepH Cruz had been looking for a campsite to pitch their tent along their hiking trek for 5 hours. Just when they were giving up hope of finding one before midnight, they stumbled across a forest opening.

50 metres ahead in the clearing, under the dim light, there stood a group of people by a flaming bonfire. Their faces and their bare chests were all painted with blue strokes and symbols; besides some necklaces and bracelets, the men were only wearing what seemed to be a loincloth. They were chanting away in a strange language while waving their arms and stamping their feet in unison.

“What the….?” Resly George Amador gasped as they quickly hid behind some bushes. “Oh my….is that some kind of a tribal ritual?” Mary Jomelle Briones almost couldn’t find a voice. “Let’s calm down. Just don’t move. They look to me like cannibals….can’t be true.” said JosepH Cruz, struggling not to tremble.

They couldn’t breathe as they peeped at the circle of men. “There are…. 5 skulls hanging on the tree. Can you see that?” Mary Jomelle Briones whispered, sending a shiver down the spine. “Who suggested camping? We should really have gone Soccer instead,” panicked Resly George Amador but only too loudly to have caught the attention of the unfriendly-looking men. The chanting immediately stopped, so did the hearts of Resly George Amador, Mary Jomelle Briones and JosepH Cruz as the tribal group looked towards the direction of their hiding spot, again in unison.

They froze as the group dispersed to sit down under that tree with the hanging skulls.Resly George Amador, Mary Jomelle Briones and JosepH Cruz were still rooted to the spot when one of the cannibals walked towards them.

Before the man reached their hiding spot, they caught a glimpse of something familiar out of the corner of their eyes. The cannibals took out a blue plastic cooler from behind the tree and pulled out cups after cups of Caramel Dark Roast Coffee Jelly Frappuccino®! While their minds were still racing, the man shouted across to them “You guys have been caught on camera…”

“Huh?...........” they were lost for a moment, then the three burst into laughter together. Resly George Amador looked at the delicious treat in the cannibal actor’s hand, “It’ll be nice if we’re now at Trinoma Level 2 Starbucks!”

The cannibal actor smiled warmly, “You guys want one? We’ve got 5 cups more!”

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