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Thursday, August 26, 2010


On August 20-23 we went to a our First TREK ( ) and after a long weekend on Benguet for TREK(Trails to Empower Kids) Project. I’m back in Bulacan as we can say civilization with electricity, water and internet connection. Being part of TREK project give me wider perspective of life over mountains, life of darkness, life of isolation and the value of education.

Sitio Polis Elementary School and Day Care Center
For me life over mountains looks like being isolated to civilization, no electricity and no internet connection. Just  like Sitio Polis, Barangay Poblacion, Kibungan, Benguet.

Try this from Manila to Baguio by bus about 5 to 6 hours then Baguio to Kibungan, Benguet by jeep almost 4 hours and lastly Kibungan to Sitio Polis by willpower and by foot for almost 4 to 5 hours.

 That was the Municipality of Kibungan pin pointed by the Mayor  and the green pin pointed by the black cellphone case was Sitio Polis our destination. Sitio Polis was just one of many places that has no electricity and continuous supply of water. To know more about Sitio Polis and TREK read this blog .

Welcome to Sitio Polis

The locals and students of the said school need to travel by foot every time they go to school or to the town proper. Since no other power source available in the area it would be a great help if they would have solar powered equipment.

Walking to Darkness
7 pm over Sitio Polis

Adtel Home Solar Kit could be used by the school and the community for charging of cellphone and atleast one light source in the school or clinic which is also located in the school premises. And cellphones is the fastest way of communication since the school is atleast 2 hour away walk from the town proper. TREK is doing this project twice a year and help schools that are hard to reach by others and usually doesn't have electricity.The Adtel Home Solar Kit would be a great help to the school and the community surrounding it

Why you want to own an Adtel Home Solar kit? I want to have one Adtel Solar Kit for Sitio Polis. I want to see the smile of community and hope to there eyes. I want to end the Blog with a Thank you song from the kids and Community.

TREK Participants and  Kids

The Kids of Sitio Polis

 Adtel at

Adtel Home Solar Kit at

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TREK Facebook at

I want to congratulate TREK for the successful outreach over Sitio Polis until next time hoping  ADTEL would be part of the next TREK linking people with other people - Resly George Amador.

Blog post from TREK:

(Photos courtesy of  Mae)
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