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Monday, August 16, 2010

Win PDBA Shirts for You & Your Barkada!

Here's how to join:
1.      This raffle is open to all fans of and contacts of
2.      To join this raffle, form a group with seven of your friends and answer the Monthly Question that we will post on FB and Multiply.
3.      Choose a group Representative who will post your group answer in our FB/Multiply (pages stated in no.1). The answer must also include the usernames of all of the group’s members.
4.      The other group members must comment on their group’s entry to show support.
5.      Every last Friday of the month all valid group entries will be raffled off and one team will be chosen as the winner to take home seven (7) PDBA shirts + other freebies.
6.      This is a raffle not a contest so no pressure to come up with excellent answers, but extreme non-sense answers will not be counted as valid entries so please try to put some effort into it by coming up with a decent answer that you can stand behind and support 100%!
7.      Winners will be contacted through the FB/Multiply accounts they used to join the raffle, on how to claim the prize.
8. Participants can only win once through-out the raffle for a batch of T-shirts. So if you’ve already won from the current batch, you can only win another shirt either as a team or individually when the next batch comes which will have a new design from the one you already won.
9. If you didn’t win the raffle for this month, you can submit another answer for next month’s Monthly Question.
10. Kindly coordinate only with PDBA officers about any PDBA transactions to avoid any misunderstandings or pranks. A list of officers and their official contact information are available at

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