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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

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My  Top 10 

 1. MylifesGood ( my personal blog everything is free just look for it. Everything I joined and my personal journal of contest for everyone to see.

 2. Generously Greedy ( Blog about contest , freebies online and tips for being a winner on online contest.

 3. Jay.eLx ( Blog about latest movies and event around the Metro best place for Movie Updates and upcoming events.

 4. Animetric World ( Rowena Wendy Lei  blog about everything that would interest  a foodies like me and other stuffs.

 5.  The Products Blog ( about products and services, if you want to known or what a review go to this blog let him review it for you.

 6. Me, Myself and I ( Santiago blog about everything  and his idea of everything in her personal way which is fun to read.

  7. Kahit ano Ito Blog about Anyhting ( Covar loves to writes anything online and offline something like a personal blog that I love to read.

  8. Chic & Cheaps ( Ann Saturno inspired me to write my own blog and now she is one of my  Influential blogger.

  9. Anything and Everythings Free ( Buning one of the fastest promo,contest and freebies site that I always check. Best place to contest junkies like me.

 10. Inner Ramblings ( - Elaine Buenaventura-Malonzo a mommy, writer and a my influential blogger.

Thank you for everyone that have been my influence to start my own blog and Good Luck to all of the bloggers and future bloggers

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Everything is free just look for it