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Monday, August 2, 2010

RetroTech Online Photo & Video Contest!

Time to show your oldest gadget and win Prizes on HWM Philippines check the three contest categories


Rig Of Ages

Wait! Don’t junk that aging, but still working, branded rig of yours! Who knows? It might be your lucky ticket to bring home a Gigabyte P55A-UD7, a PhP 12,000 motherboard that you could use to begin putting up a new, powerful machine! All you have to do is show us a photo or a video of how old your desktop computer is in terms of its hardware components and operating system, and tell us why you deserve to win. (Note: it has to still be working!)

Consumer Electronics

Chillin' Out With The Oldies

Consumer electronics (CE) products are oriented for entertainment and relaxation. It might be your television, speaker system, portable media player or gaming console. And who says that idle time cannot be productive? By simply showing us a photo or a video of you while using your oldest, working CE product at your free time and explaining why we should choose your entry, you can win this cool Wireless Hi-Fi Philips headset worth around PhP 8,000!


Old Dog, New Tricks

We are not going to give away a Samsung Galaxy S without a high asking price. Well, it won't be PhP 32,000, don't worry. Do you still have your oldest, working mobile phone? Can you still send text messages or make a call with it? Your task: show us the craziest and funniest thing that you can do with your handset through a picture or a video. As long as your act doesn’t injure yourself, anyone, or the phone itself, your entry is in! Also, tell us why you think we should pick you as the winner.

Bonus Prize

It Just Keeps Getting Better!

To get things rolling, we will award an HTC Tattoo worth PhP 13,000 to the first entry in the RetroTech contest that achieves 500 likes and 100 comments. As proof, please capture a screenshot that clearly shows the time and date, along with your entry. Email this to once achieved.

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