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Monday, August 2, 2010

Zaparena The Traffic Network

Promote Your Website

Start your own campaign in the zaparena traffic network and promote your website. Your ads will rotate within the widgets integrated on publisher websites and will receive the greatest attention. This form of advertising is perceived by consumers as pleasant and non-disruptive.

High Reach

Pooling many large and small sites in the zaparena traffic network ensures optimal distribution of your advertisement.

Targeting at No Additional Cost

Extensive targeting criteria allow you to address your target group without wasting advertising resources. All targeting options are available without additional cost.

Nationally and Internationally

You can create campaigns in English and German and select individual destination countries via the targeting feature, and also launch your website internationally with zaparena.

Full Cost Control

Control the costs of your campaign at any time and track your revenue benefit. Different options for setting your budget are available.

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