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Friday, July 23, 2010

Congratulations to the 4th Lucky Draw Winners!

Congratulations to the 4th Lucky Draw Winners! Check if you’re one of the lucky 50 to take home a free Samsung Bluetooth headset! Can't find your name on the list? Keep your hopes up -- the final Lucky Draw is coming right up! Don't miss the last chance to win a free Bluetooth headset.

The 5th Lucky Draw Winners will be announced next week. Details will be posted soon!

Congratulations to the 4th Lucky Draw Winners!

Lucky Draw Winners
Aileen Pacete, Alison Wakefield, Anke Heise, Ankur Jain, Anouck Reuter, Atul Vohra, Ayfer Akın Yorulmaz, Bastien Beyaert, Berlant Abdalmnam, Camille Hollanders, Carol Trueland, Cathy Dacio, Claudia Konz, Cristian Bartoli, Donald Alliot, Esat Yaşar Çağlayan, Fatih Kumrulu, Fernie-Ice Navarro, Frank Hübner, Giovanni Lotrecchiano Lotrecchiano, Giovanni Rogo, Greg Langdale, Hargobind Singh Shan, Hasan Acar, Ho Cat, Iya Pamaran, Jefri Abu Bakar, JenLou Stevenson, Johan Schourie, Katrin Foo, Leatitia Adams, Leon Thomas Stevens, Magali Nicolas, Manish Chugh, Maria Louth, Maribel R. Tugado, Maricar Losantas, Mert Fahri Cena, Mostafa Kamel, Mümin Yıldız, Nassy Gonzales, Oğulcan Kiliç, Rahul Solanki, Ricardo Sousa, Rina Urbana, Stephen John Federico, Suresh Kommisetty, Talip Gürakar, Tony Shek, Ziggy Agterberg

Congratulations! Each of you above will receive a Samsung Bluetooth headset!

Please respond to our friend request or e-mail in order to claim your prize.

* Contest winners may be subject to taxation.
>>Event Terms and Conditions

* The winners have been selected by computer on a random basis.
* Participants who entered the giveaway during the event period (June 28, 2010 – July 04, 2010) were equally subject to selection.

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