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Monday, July 26, 2010

My Winning Story

 Have your ever heard about the 


Everything start from a dream and the motivation to win.
Whole day playing clicking and chatting on forum just to earn points.

Imagine a guy being a top user of a women site. That's me cablay28 rank 2 then all the top 10 are my forum buddies. I try to beat Moffie but she is 1000 post ahead of me.

Everything is done and its bidding time the last bid before my bid was almost 15 Million Points I'm just lucky to earn about a total of 19,317,800 points for the whole competition and some came from my fellow player as a Donation.

I won one of the Major Prizes Dining for two every month for a year.

The story was published on Manila Bulletin but I forgot to have a copy but I bookmarked the link. :)

Before the promo ends we set an EyeBall with the Adiktus to meet everyone that join the contest. 
Meet Up after the Contest At Pier One Mall Of Asia.

Since we Won  the Dine Dining For One Year Our Prize
3 Gift Certificate to Any Restaurant Over Shangrila Hotel
3 Gift Certificate to Florabel Restaurant At The Poduim
3 Gift Certificate to Crown Plaza at Seven Corners Restaurant
3 Gift Certificate on Rockwell at Chef Jessie Place
 We enjoy every gift certificate and used it on special occasion. Have few more GC left to enjoy ^_^.

Fine Dining One

Fine Dining Two

After a year we decided to call up for other Meet Up with everyone

At Mall of Asia after a Year
Dining at Tempura 
As expected the regular member and  Manila base member can joined the Meet Up. Some members are from Visayas Region, Northern Luzon and Bicol Region.
We still meet on  Facebook as a small community Online

And that's my Winning Story.

For everyone that like to win on Online Contest.

Just simply follow this step.
  1. Join 
  2. Join 
  3. Join 
  4. Join 
  5. Join and enjoy
From cablay28 aka WMN.PH Adiktus President

Everything is free just look for it