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Monday, July 26, 2010

Share your Winning Story And Win

Welcome to Jayson Biadog Winner's Place and a lot More!!!
Share your story and Win


Things to be Won 

3 Winning Story Prizes

A token and symbol of Me

1. I'll be giving away Zipline 2 tickets  to Superman and Silver Surfer Ride @Circulo Verde Quezon City- Since i'm a sporty adventurous kind of person. I love adrenaline rush action fast thing, be ready to be superman, iceman or Lil & Stich of Hawaii.

2. Bestseller The Last Song Book- Nicholas Sparks Because i like learning and multimedia so I would prefer library iron man workstation than a gimmick hang outs. And really respect teaching as a noble profession and value great education/learning.

3. 5 PLDT Call Cards - Since my career in call center last for 5 years now. The Business is over the phone and net. Telemarketing/selling is such a great skill that boost the Philippine economy.

Contest from July 24 to October 14, 2010 his 26th Bday

Everything is free just look for it