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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Second Lucky Draw Winners Samsung Wave

The 2nd Lucky Draw Winners are unveiled! Check if you’re one of the lucky 50 to take home a free Samsung Bluetooth headset! Your name’s not on the list again? Don’t fret! We still have three weeks left until the WWWave event ends. Look out for the next announcement of winners on July 12! Up your chances of winning a free Bluetooth headset by joining as many Waves as you can or by creating your own Wave!

Congratulations to the Second Lucky Draw Winners!

Lucky Draw Winners
Raymond C. Ordoñez, Maricris Manalili, Pierre Alexis, Eliza Belmain, Naddel Paddel, Alma Pflaume, Angel Ta, Mridul Khurana, Manish Bansal, Bhumika Ka, Chinmay Nanavati, Djibiroul Cisse, Nico Mancini, Davide Spagnoli, Lester Ngo, Juayn Gaik, Joyce Chow, Furzanne Hanim, Danny Shiek, Cheryl Matias, Melvin Sikat, Eugene Perez, Annie Tan, May Ang, Shuana Toh, Jeny Zhong, Webby Soh, Wei Xiang, Jaus ジャス 剛, Hafizan Asri, Donald Jiang, Tan Hui Yi, Jackson Boiz, Fiona Chee, Salochana Naidoo, Grant Scott, Nermin Uz, Çağlar Coşgun, Battal Kılıçaslan, Nalan Tutan, Irfan öztürk, Gultekin Bildik, Sinan Tecer, Serhat Gökalp, Lisa King, Kate Sutherland-West, David Callander, Sue Johnston, Hannah Sheerin, Florida Blanca Callander

Congratulations! Each of you above will receive a Samsung Bluetooth headset!

* The winners have been selected by computer on a random basis.
* Participants who entered the giveaway during the event period (June 14, 2010 – June 20, 2010) were equally subject to selection.

Some of the winners are my friends ^_^
JOIN the WWWave RACE!!

Everything is free just look for it