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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Enervon Hapontukin Contest

Have you experience Hapontukin? When Hapontukin Set in what do you do to cope or fight against it?

Everytime Hapontukin set in I just go the Hapontukin Fan Page on facebook then click some crazy people doing the Hapontukin Move. They are so funny you will laugh, amaze and even surprise who's in that video. I was amazed that Reste Ismael is one of the contestant with good quality of videos and coping techniques.

Do check and vote his video to win the Contest . This guy is crazy and he is my friend Enjoy ^_^

Dance Dance Divider Remix Click Here to Vote

Golf Ur Umbrella Away Click here to Vote

Pirated Disc-cuss Throw Click here to Vote


The Punda Pogo Exercise Click Here to Vote

Hapontukin ka pa ba watch more click here and do the move. This is best coping techniques to fight Hapontukin nyahaha nood ka lng then vote baka manalo ka pa two birds in one stone. More energy, Mas Happy but this guys is overdose with Energy the next model of Hapontukin for me ^_^

 Everything is free just look for it